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Welcome to My Precious Fantasy Webshop, absolutely the best & most affordable place to buy officially-licensed Lord of the Rings™ jewelry and merchandise. Serving over 10 years worth of happy customers, and selling Lord of the Rings™ and fantasy jewelry and merchandise! Making the world a better place through the spirit of Tolkien.

If you've come looking for a place to get your very own officially-commissioned One Ring™ — rather than one of those cheap, foreign-shipped counterfeits — look no further. We've also got a slew of other items like Arwen Evenstar's™ Pendant, The Arkenstone™ Necklace, the Gollum™ Creature Ring, and a lot of other great looking Lord of the Rings jewelry as well. Have a look around, try out our Middle Earth Name Generator, watch Leonard Nimoy sing 'The Ballad of Bilbo', download a beautiful wallpaper for your computer desktop, and much more.

The Hobbit News
July 20 2014 (14.07.20) 1:46 PM MST


Just like that! With little build up or indeed any fanfare at all, we've conjured up a brand new Forums section with which our thousands of users can again, together, commune!

A long time ago, in another epoch of the history of the Internet, we had a quite chatty little message board, where our fans, customers, gainsayers and fantasy nerds in general could get together and wax biliously verbose about whatever topic stirred their tiny little hearts! Just kidding, we're sure their hearts, YOUR hearts, were and are all adequately sized.

But then, some nefarious and orange-glow-in-the-eye'd creature, black-winged and with smudgy, less-than-saintly intentions took flight from some wicked corner of Mordor, flew up here and breathed toxic, code-jumbling gas onto our Forums, which thereupon wilted rather unceremoniously into a tattered mess. Thus eradicated all communal musings on all things Tolkien, LOTR and fantasy in general. The Forums fell silent.

Until now, PEOPLE! So go have a look, register your user as quick as spilt milk, then post a few evocative messages and see who replies? You just may be surprised!

July 2 2014 (14.07.02) 4:24 PM MST

Summer Scorcher! Does it feel like Mordor outside to you too?

It's so hot! Wow. Is our favorite celestial ball of fire wreaking havoc on your town too? We feel for you.

If you want some relief, send us a quick email at . If you hurry, there's a good chance we'll issue you an especially COOL discount coupon to use on your purchase here at My Precious Fantasy Webshop. But don't wait too long... these offers have a way of drying up and blowing away like so many particles of discount dust.

But it's a dry heat...

Jun 4 2014 (14.06.04) 9:50 AM MST

Free Shipping on Orders Over $100!

Well, we've been at it again. We figure, hey, if you're going to shell out $2652.85 for a brand new, officially-licensed Platinum replica of the One Ring™, shipped with a Certificate of Authenticity and a dwarf barrow full of CLC ("Customer Loving Care"), why don't we just throw in the shipping for FREE?

Heck, for that matter, if you're on a budget and simply want to get our extravagantly discounted 10k solid gold One Ring™ for $650, we'll toss in FREE SHIPPING as well.

Alright, alright! Let's say you shake out your purse (or trousers, as the case may be) and gather up your loose coins and all you can afford right now is a Smaug™ the Dragon Ring and some fancy new Dragon Earrings, both in genuine sterling silver for a total of $131.12. We'll STILL bite the bullet and give you free shipping.

Basically, like the title of today's post says, anything over $100 gets free shipping! (note: continental U.S. orders only)

May 28 2014 (14.05.28) 4:09 PM MST

Lost Recording of J. R. R. Tolkien Found: True Meaning of LOTR

A new recording of Tolkien's voice has been found, is is being reported. Discovered in 1993, by Dutchman and Tolkien expert, René van Rossenberg, who decided to keep it secret until now, the recording is from a 1958 "Hobbit Dinner" party thrown in honor of the author in Rotterdam. Reportedly two hundred avid fanatics, scholars and friends showed up ...

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And now, please enjoy this lovely ad we've found just for you!
Lord of the Rings Jewelry, The One Ring, Elven Jewelry, Fantasy Jewelry Lord of the Rings Jewelry, The One Ring, Elven Jewelry, Fantasy Jewelry
A treasure trove even Smaug would be proud of. Here you'll find all sorts of precious items including The One Ring of Power, Silver One Ring, Elrond's Ring, and an Elven brooch. Dwarf and Elven Rings of Power too! See for yourself - Lord of the Rings Jewelry. Keep checking back with us as we'll be adding new items, like the Gollum Creature Ring, from time to time. Let us know if you'd like to see something added.
Lord of the Rings hobbit name generator
What if you were a hobbit? What would your name be? How about your Elven or Wizard name? Is your name "Loinus, King of Khazad-dûm" (if so, you may be a Dwarf)? You can even find your human name, go figure. Have fun playing with our Hobbit Name Generator.
Lord of the Rings - Hobbit Name Generator
Fun Lord of the Rings stuff, Wallpaper, Pictures, Screensavers, Adventure games Fun Lord of the Rings stuff, Wallpaper, Pictures, Screensavers, Adventure games
Are you looking for cool Lord of the Rings pictures or wallpapers? Maybe you wish you could play those old Lord of the Rings computer Adventure Games. Perhaps you are looking for music, or screen savers, or maybe you just want to know more about the history of the Rings of Power. Go check out all the neat options on our Fun Stuff page. Everything to do with the phrase "One Ring to Rule Them All".

Customer Feedback
"Again thanks for making my experience on myprecious the greatest!"
  -  Amy (Approx. October 3, 2004)
"The ring arrived today. It's very beautiful! Thank you very much for responding to my enquiries during the ordering process. I have to say that it's nice to communicate with someone and don't just get a snappy, curt and often a response that doesn't answer the question. Will definitely shop again if any occasion arises. Cheers."
  -  Ria, Cape Town, South Africa (January 28, 2011, 6:16 pm)
"I love my ring, I receieved it today and I am just obsessed with it!!!"
  -  Luisa, Socorro, TX (July 14, 2012, 3:36 pm)

"One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them.
One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them."

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