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About Us

What in the world is My Precious Fantasy Webshop, and should I shop here?

My Precious Fantasy Webshop is a great and wonderful website! Above all else, it is honest in its dealings with all customers. Trust is not something you can just whip up out of nowhere, especially online! We have gone to great lengths, over many years, to build our reputation. We work hard to make sure all customers are treated with respect and taken good care of. If you email us with a question, you'll usually get more than you expected for an answer, and usually within a short amount of time. We want to set your minds at ease, when it comes to shopping with us, because it can be a daunting experience knowing who to trust out there. Just know that we've been doing over ten years of honest business, selling Lord of the Rings™ and fantasy-themed jewelry, including The One Ring™, and various other merchandise, and have literally thousands and thousands of happy customers who could all attest to our trustworthiness and high quality products.

My Precious is what our dear old pal, Gollum, use to call The One Ring™ (or maybe it was more like, "my preciousss," possibly with a hiss). We decided that would make the perfect name for a website devoted to selling all sorts of preciousss items in the fantasy and Lord of the Rings genres. We hope you enjoy your time browsing around the site, and hopefully tossing a few gold coins our way in exchange for a trinket or two pulled directly from Smaug's hoard pile, or its equivalent. Give us a shout if you have any questions or comments!

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